Speed. Accurate


All system diagnostic

such as safety airbag detection, ABS, turn signal control system,tire pressure monitoring and more. Currently, only nine major car models are supported, and we will continue to optimize and add other car models in the future.


Vehicle CEL Doctor

Real-time data stream (freeze frame fault code, engine speed, oxygen sensor, etc.With 88 kinds of data stream), real-time data stream storage and playback


One Click Detection

Battery Health Check,Vehicle information read and Vehicle performance test.Vehicle annual inspection simulation and Trip analysis such as total mileage, elapsed time, average speed, start time, total fuel consumption, average fuel consumption.


One Second Auto Connection

No need to enter the Bluetooth pairing settings,Just wait for OBD to automatically recognize the Bluetooth receiving signal in the app.Bluetooth 5.1 version is more stable and faster code reading,which also has low power consumption. After 10 minutes of no Bluetooth connection, the B25 code reader will automatically enter sleep mode and no longer consume your car battery.